we're made of the same stuff EP

by burrow



songs started and finished between the ages of 17 and 19. mostly in seattle. rooough recording quality, sorry.


released April 1, 2012



all rights reserved


burrow San Francisco, California

burrow is amanda karmelita.

this is now an archive of 10 years of material (14yo-24yo) showcasing me whining lazily along to painful, self-taught riffs for the sake of someday establishing a sound that makes sense. i think i finally hear it.

head over to amandakmusic.bandcamp.com for new and perhaps improved jams.

all written, played and recorded terribly by me in my bedrooms on garageband.
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Track Name: late nights
i don't ask you for much
but i want you just to stay one hour longer,
one morning longer.

i don't got much here
but i got a bed with your name
written on these halves of the sheets
as it's been for the past few weeks.

i don't ask you for much
so please don't put up a fight--
just stay the night.

i'm not gonna' wait for an answer.
don't you make me.
yes or no comes from losing clothes.
if you're not undressed in the next few minutes, then...
well then...

you've got more to say to me
and i don't know what to say to you
so i'll open up my ears
and now i won't stall.

we'll get to talking.
we'll get to kissing.
we'll get to hugging.
we'll get to wrestling around.
Track Name: the awakening
there have been too many days
when nothing sounds better than following
in the footsteps of edna pontellier.

most days, i've got nothing to say
and feel nothing but this enigmatic emptiness.
i yearn to become invisible to you,
then disappear from myself all together now.
all together now.

i would love to take up less of your space.
the world could use one less sad soul anyway.

i'll follow the footsteps of edna pontellier.
Track Name: get loud
i can barely hear my voice
and i can barely lift my shoulders.
these burdens feel like end-alls
and they'll only weigh down harder.
how do i always get myself here?
too shy to respond negatively,
but no, no,
i don't want to.

i wish i were louder,
but light as a feather.

i don't want to disagree
but you show no respect for me.
i'm not gonna' take it lightly to overcompensate for your crude behavior.
i don't got anymore heart to.
and i don't want to be nice to you.

i wish i were bolder,
but gentle as an animal---
saving strength for appropriate circumstance.