by burrow

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acoustic in seattle, ages 20-21. played, written, recorded by me.


released January 16, 2013



all rights reserved


burrow San Francisco, California

burrow is amanda karmelita.

this is now an archive of 10 years of material (14yo-24yo) showcasing me whining lazily along to painful, self-taught riffs for the sake of someday establishing a sound that makes sense. i think i finally hear it.

head over to amandakmusic.bandcamp.com for new and perhaps improved jams.

all written, played and recorded terribly by me in my bedrooms on garageband.
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Track Name: in hiding
so sleepy,
love couldn't wake me-
for months now, it couldn't.
'cause i've been presented with:
and air,
and water,
but i've turned away.
i've rolled over.
i'm not ready----
(i like this view better anyhow)
Track Name: vegetable
i stayed inside all day
(i never leave)
even more, i stayed in one room all day
i only pissed once
(i'm lazy)
i heard it was beautiful outside
(i don't care)
so i slept instead
(i slept instead)
i craved a cigarette
(i craved a cigarette)
i ate a lot
(and i write a lot)
i finished 1/5 of a poem
i drank little
(i drink too much)
i made a phone call
no one answered
i didn't have any fun--
does this mean i don't appreciate the right things?
(i was wrong, and i'm sorry)
Track Name: birds
i'm doomed to islandhood---
your presence don't matter to my feelings
or my imbalances.
you want me to make you feel significant,

but all i think about are the times i've felt violated by your kind.
all i think about is the abuse and how we always lose.

so lonely, won't you stop looking to me to fill your voids.
no one's ever stuck around long enough to do that for me,
so you might as well stop lovin' me now,

all i think i need is your open mind.
all i think i need are your eyes 'fore you've earned mine.

most of the time, i think about how the world wouldn't mind if i just died tomorrow.
all i wanna' do is make my life matter.

so make it matter.